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A brief guide on how to fix leaks in concrete walls, including the cause of leaking in concrete and how to detect leaks

Knowing the hardiness of concrete, it’s hard to imagine something as delicate as water being able to seep through and cause severe damage to a structure. And although concrete itself puts up a good fight against water, there are still plenty of ways leaks can arise in concrete walls and other foundational parts of structures and buildings. Here is a brief guide on how to fix leaks in concrete walls – we hope you find it useful!

What causes leaking in concrete?

It’s important to know the cause of a leak before it can be properly prepared. During a feasibility survey, our team will assess the leak before prescribing a suitable solution.

Here are the most common causes of leaking in concrete, those which inevitably lead to the need for repair:

  • Hidden/broken pipes
  • Broken concrete slabs in roofs or flooring
  • A corrosive environment or failure of waterproofing
  • Cracks in concrete
  • Improper concrete placement or poor workmanship
  • Improperly prepared concrete or poor workmanship
  • Low-graded or contaminated aggregate/aggregate that has not been sieved prior to application (used to make concrete)[1]
  • Structures encasing a water supply, like a water tank

How to detect water leaks in concrete walls

Before we detail the options of how to fix leaks in concrete walls, it is important to explain how to detect a leak first. If you are reading this blog because you want to fix a new leak, and you’re one step ahead, skip to the next section.

There are signs and symptoms when looking for water leaks in concrete walls. These include, but are not limited to:

  1. Discoloured patches of wall
  2. Hot-to-touch patches
  3. Puddles of water/wet surroundings where the leak has cascaded down the wall
  4. Bubbling, which is more apparent if the concrete wall has been treated by a coating or paint
  5. In severe leaks, the wall might curve or warp
  6. The presence of mold, mildew, or both
  7. You may be able to hear dripping water
  8. You may be able to smell must or damp.

To learn more about the signs and symptoms of a leak, contact our concrete specialists for free advice today.

How to repair leaks in concrete wall

Specialist services are offered not just to remedy leaks, but to prevent further leaks, cracks, and subsequent damage to the concrete from happening. At CCUK, we provide the following leak repair services to businesses in the Yorkshire and Humber regions. These include, but are not limited to:

  1. Concrete crack injection systems:

Resin injection and chemical systems are the two we most frequently use to repair cracks involving a leak or water supply. For more information about concrete crack injection, head over to our dedicated blog.

  1. Waterproofing barrier systems:

At CCUK, we are the only UK-licensed supplier of full-service waterproof barrier systems. Our waterproof barrier systems include every essential service you need – leak sealing joints, cracks, and fissures, structural waterproofing for pipes and manholes, basement waterproofing, and grouting. We do it all! For more information on waterproof barrier systems, head over to our dedicated blog.

  1. Hydrophobic & hydrophilic leak sealing:

Hydrophobic & hydrophilic sealing is a resin-based injection used to repair structural leaks and cracks. It is a long-lasting and cost-effective solution that is done quickly and easily. For more information on hydrophobic & hydrophilic leak sealing, head over to our dedicated blog.

Book your FREE feasibility survey & cost analysis for any of the above services today

We are a leading UK concrete repairs and specialist construction workforce – based on your doorstep here in Yorkshire and Humber! Book your FREE feasibility survey & cost analysis with us to get the ball rolling on your leak & crack repair.

The type of leak & crack repair we use entirely depends on the job at hand, and we will always discuss the options thoroughly with you during your free feasibility survey and cost analysis. To book yours, kindly call our team or fill in our quick online form today.

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[1] Understanding Water Leakage in Concrete Structures: Its Causes and Prevention – The Constructor