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Pipeline & Storage

Pipeline networks and liquid storage facilities are a basic part of any country’s infrastructure, however they are in constant need of maintenance in order to ensure a safe and cost effective operational status.

Pipes transporting drinking water, as well as sewage, oil and gas pipes carry liquids first to treatment plants and finally to the end users. They need to always be in good condition in order to satisfy the ever-increasing demands of modern living.

Decades of continuous service for large diameter pipes (concrete, steel and ductile iron), either buried or above ground, have led to deterioration that threatens the structural integrity of these networks.

The industry is in need of innovative solutions which will provide structural strengthening, the upgrade of internal pressure capacity and significant extension to the service-life of these structures. Time and cost effective technologies are required, while minimum disturbance and disruption of every-day operations during any repair work are necessary.

Composites Construction UK uses the Tyfo Fibrwrap System for the repair, strengthening and retrofit of corrosion damaged and distressed large-diameter PCCP, RCCP, and steel pressure pipelines used in municipal, industrial and other facilities.

Composites Construction UK is at the forefront of trenchless technology for the structural repair of main pipeline networks and is capable of performing any rehabilitation work for repairs of liquid storage structures. Composites Construction UK also provides design-build solutions which are tailored-made to satisfy the requirements of all clients.

Composites Construction UK ’s fully developed system can be applied internally or externally to a pipe and for a wide range of issues, such as structural degradation, corrosion, structural upgrades, internal pressure increases, relining and emergency repair. The system complies with the most demanding environmental codes and is capable to withstand aggressive environmental exposures, including chemical.


  • Structural repair (internal or external) of pipeline networks of medium to large diameter, from reinforced concrete, steel and ductile iron
  • Repair and strengthening of liquid storage structures (walls and slabs of tanks)
  • Relining of existing pipelines
  • Joint and transition zone leak remediation and protection of pipes exposed to wear and corrosion and chemical attack


  • Thoroughly tested at independent laboratories
  • Cost -effective
  • Extends the service life of existing structures
  • Significantly lowers the corrosion rate by confining existing members
  • Can be used on circular, square, rectangular, hexagonal, flared and alternative shaped cross sections with negligible shape and size modifications


  • Trenchless technology
  • External Strengthening and leak remediation
  • Specialist coating services to prevent corrosion or chemical attack internal and external
  • Full design and installation service including guarantees and warranties
  • Cost and time effective proposals and applications
  • Minimum disturbance to the everyday activities of the client
  • Ability to repair pipelines externally with minimum interruption to their operation
  • Environmentally friendly solutions
What are the Solutions?
  • Increase of available hoop strength (increase internal pressure capacity)
  • Damage/Leak remediation and prevention
  • Protection from corrosion and rectification of the strength losses (due to corrosion)
  • Increase of bending strength
  • Increase of compression strength due to external loading
  • Seismic Upgrades
  • Update of pressure and flow
  • Emergency repairs

Pipeline & Storage Projects