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All buildings, whether private or public will be in need of repair or strengthening work at some point during their life cycle.

This can be attributed to various reasons such as structural deterioration due to corrosion, change of use, any increase of loading demands, compliance with new design codes, design or construction errors and emergency repairs.

The Tyfo Fibrwrap System includes a carbon fibre solution that meets the International Building Code (IBC) requirements.

In the last 20 years, Tyfo Fibrwrap Systems technology has proven to be a formidable solution to a variety of structural demands posed by structural engineers, designers and asset owners. It has the added benefits of being both cost and time effective.

Composites Construction UK ’s state-of-the-art material technology combined with purposely developed application methods, provide efficient structural repairs, rehabilitation or upgrades.


Composites Construction UK engineers and technicians use the Tyfo Fibrwrap System in order to provide structural solutions to owners (both state and private), engineers and designers involved in rehabilitation and structural upgrade of buildings. Composites Construction UK has a value-engineered approach and is involved in design and construction in order to suggest and implement a tailor made solution to the client needs.

Composites Construction UK has offered solutions for various buildings such as residential, commercial, historical (listed), new or under construction for which structural issues had to be resolved. Our technical proposal offers the most cost and time effective solution and covers the vast majority of structural deficiencies in existing or new structures, thus restoring and increasing the value of the property and extending its service life.


  • Extensive experience in the whole range of building projects (existing, new)
  • Composites Construction UK work with owners, structural engineers, and contractors in search for the most suitable, customised and cost-effective solution
  • Exclusive use of Tyfo Fibrwrap Systems to cover any need for structural strengthening, rehabilitation, interventions, upgrades, change of use or repairs in existing buildings
  • Minimal disruption and a very fast installation time
  • Fire protection technology available through the Tyfo AFP and CFP Systems
  • Blast and force mitigation techniques for protection of life and valuable assets.
What are the Solutions?
  • Rehabilitation of corroded or distressed members in order to restore lost capacity.
  • Structural upgrades to improve the load-bearing capacity of a building. Additional shear and flexural capacity can be added to beams, columns, slabs and walls.
  • Change of use in buildings which results in increased demands for strengthening.
  • Preservation of historic buildings with a variety of materials which can be used to repair/strengthen the historic structures while preserving their appearance.
  • Restoration to the design strength level of buildings where construction errors have resulted in structural deficiencies (missing or misplaced rebars, low concrete strength, or inadequate concrete cover).
  • Column, beam, slab and wall to increase shear strength, flexural strength, ductility and improve confinement.
  • Stabilise and strengthen masonry and ceiling.
  • A lightweight, low-profile rehabilitation system which is installed very fast and results in minimum disruption.
  • All structural elements of a building can be repaired or upgraded to the building owner’s specific needs in the smallest time period, allowing the building and its people to function before, during and after the upgrade procedure.

Building Projects

Kings Road | London

Kings Road | London

Cantilever Strengthening, Crack Repairs and Waterproofing

Wolverhampton Tower Blocks

Wolverhampton Tower Blocks

Carbon Fibre Strengthening

Piccadilly Tower | Manchester

Piccadilly Tower | Manchester

Carbon Fibre Strengthening, Crack Injections and Concrete Repairs