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With over 25 years’ experience in structural strengthening, concrete repair and the carbon fibre strengthening industry, Composites Construction UK is a leading name in the provision of structural repairs, concrete repairs, cathodic protection, sprayed concrete and crack injection and repairs.

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Welcome to Composites Construction UK Ltd

Composites Construction UK is a Specialist Contractor operating throughout the UK and Europe, using innovative repair methods CCUK sets its standards above all others for problem solving and providing solutions. We carry out structural strengthening and repairs to concrete, timber and masonry structures we also concrete repairs, crack injection techniques and other ‘out of the box’ services.

Our primary service is structural Strengthening and repairs using carbon fibre and glass fibre reinforced polymers FRP. We repair and enhance buildings, marine structures, bridges, pipelines and other industrial structures. Our in house design capability and adaptability make CCUK the preferred repair partner of choice.

Established in 2010 we now have 3 regional locations in the UK and a reputation in the industry for the quality of our service and innovative engineering solutions underpinned by our commitment to safety and sustainability.

Leading the way with innovative techniques in the structural repair market, Composites Construction UK provides cost-effective strengthening and repair solutions to clients across all sectors.

To find out what Composites Construction UK can do to help you, or to enquire about our no obligation feasibility study and cost analysis for your structural repair project, please contact us today.

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Concrete Repair Division


Composites Construction UK

The Use of Carbon Fibre Strengthening in Construction

We have a number of Webinars date available for you to gain a in depth understanding of  ‘Strengthening of Concrete Structures, using Carbon Fibre Systems’

This is a Technical Presentation that highlights the benefits of using carbon fibre as an alternative to traditional strengthening methods, covering design principles and showcasing projects completed by CCUK throughout the UK.

If you would prefer a 121 technical presentation please register your interest and one of our team will arrange this with you.

Our Sectors of Work


All buildings, whether private or public will be in need of repair or strengthening work at some point during their life cycle.

Pipeline & Storage

Pipeline networks and liquid storage facilities are a basic part of any country’s infrastructure, however they are in constant need of maintenance.

Transportation Infrastructure

Transportation infrastructure engineers and authorities face a constant challenge in maintaining and upgrading their assets to meet modern day use.

Power & Energy

Protection of human life and assets is the first priority in any industrial environment. At CCUK this too is our priority.

Waterfront Structures

Waterfront structures are subjected to severe and aggressive environmental conditions due to their proximity or coexistence with water.

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To find out what Composites Construction UK can do to help you, or to enquire about our no obligation feasibility study, contact us today.

Our Recent Projects

Piccadilly Tower | Manchester

Piccadilly Tower | Manchester

Carbon Fibre Strengthening, Crack Injections and Concrete Repairs

Southmoor Industrial Estate

Southmoor Industrial Estate

Concrete Repairs and Carbon Fibre Strengthening

Old Granada Studios

Old Granada Studios

Column and beam strengthening


Insider Views

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How to Strengthen Weak Concrete Columns: Including Our Top 3 Methods

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'Concrete Goals' by Business Works Magazine

‘Concrete Goals’ by Business Works Magazine

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Carbon Fibre Reinforced Polymer: Pros & Cons
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