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We are incredibly proud to announce our involvement in the multi-million-pound regeneration of an iconic department store in Kensington.

Our expert team has been tasked with designing a custom structural strengthening solution for the building’s beams using our cutting-edge carbon fibre products. Once applied, the structural integrity of the department store will be significantly enhanced.

CCUK Business Development Manager, Steve Musa says: “Our goal is to provide unparalleled strength and durability while maintaining the architectural integrity of the historic landmark.

Carbon fibre offers the ideal solution”.

He adds: “At CCUK, we are committed to excellence and innovation in all our projects.

“Our team of experts has 25+ years of experience in structural engineering and the application of advanced materials like carbon fibre”.

Why carbon fibre?

Carbon fibre is renowned for its high strength-to-weight ratio and its ability to provide robust support without adding excessive weight. This makes it an ideal solution for strengthening existing structures, especially in heritage buildings where maintaining original aesthetics is crucial.

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