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Power & Energy

Protection of human life and assets is the first priority in any industrial environment.

At CCUK this too is our priority, it’s something we promise to deliver.

Industrial structures present many unique problems often compounded by challenging environments.

Fast and durable solutions are needed to challenges which otherwise might lead to unsafe working conditions and the possibility of expensive shutdowns.

Strengthening applications typically include structural repair and upgrades, seismic retrofits, corrosion mitigation, change-of-use, protection from aggressive environments, design/construction error remediation and blast hardening.

Industrial facilities present many challenges including chemical attacks, degradation caused by extreme temperatures and impact forces. In certain cases regulatory compliance requirements also offer complex challenges which need to be overcome while other facilities face the threat of spontaneous blast events.

Composites Construction UK offers a number of benefits to industrial facility owners. Through its advanced technology Composites Construction UK guarantees the unmatched prolongation of the expected life-cycle of existing structures, the undisturbed productivity during repair, the reduced maintenance cost due to the sustainable quality of the technical solution and the positive and long-lasting effect that CCUK’s work has on the environment – helping its clients to reduce their own carbon footprint


  • Used extensively to retrofit reinforced concrete support structures such as pipe racks, equipment structures,pedestals, Coker units, industrial chimneys, silos, tanks, pressure vessels, pipelines and much more.
  • The Tyfo Fibrwrap System productshave excellent durability and chemical resistance properties and have been specially formulated to deliver long-lasting protection.
  • Repair and strengthening buildings and structural members to guard against failure or collapse in the case of an overpressure event. Control rooms, and all structures which house employees in hazardous areas are prime candidates.


  • Thoroughly tested at independent laboratories
  • Extension of the service life of existing structures
  • Can lower the corrosion rate when confining existing members
  • Can prevent the onset of corrosion when applied to new structural elements
  • Can be used on circular, square, rectangular, hexagonal, flared and odd shaped cross sections with negligible shape and size modifications
  • Cost -effective
  • Low impact to facility function
  • Fast and safe application process


  • Value-engineered approach to identify the cause and the nature of the problem
  • Prolongation of the expected lifecycle of existing structures
  • Minimum disturbance to the facility operation during repair
  • Reduced maintenance costs due to excellent long-term material behaviour
  • “Green” facility upgrade with a minimum environmental footprint
  • Resistant and protection of structural members in aggressive environment.
What are the Solutions?
  • Rehabilitation of corroded or distressed members
  • Strengthening of overstressed support structures
  • Damage/Leak remediation and prevention
  • Protection from corrosion and rectification
  • Protection from aggressive environments
  • Fire protection, impact force protection and blast hardening
  • Emergency repairs

Power & Energy Projects

Immingham Jetty

Immingham Jetty

Survey of the damage to the Concrete Jetty

Power Station Pipe Strengthening

Power Station Pipe Strengthening

Humber Power Station

Hinckley Point B Nuclear Flask Wash Coating

Hinckley Point B Nuclear Flask Wash Coating

Hinckley Point B Nuclear Flask Wash Coating