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Composite Strengthening Solutions


What CCUK has to offer is beyond the expertise of most repair contractors – we use an engineered approach to the restoration of concrete structures, buildings, bridges, and infrastructure. This means we analyse every possible risk surrounding the work we carry out, and every step we take is carefully pre-empted and planned out.

Composite Strengthening
Composite Strengthening


The repair of concrete buildings and structures requires quality materials, but more importantly, experienced and skilled tradespeople to ensure that the repair is undertaken correctly. The removal of the defective areas of concrete, preparation of the exposed steel reinforcement, and concrete reinstatement have to be done correctly for the repair to last – there is more to composite strengthening than the final repair job!


For small repair areas, we use electric or pneumatic tools to remove the concrete; for larger volumes, we often use hydro demolition contractors. The concrete reinstatement can be hand applied mortars and for large volumes, it may be sprayed concrete or self-compacting mortars. The concrete surface finishing often needs to match the existing colour and texture. Our expert repair tradespeople have decades of experience perfecting these `small` details!

After repairing the concrete, a protective coating can be applied to all the exposed concrete surfaces to enhance durability and for aesthetic reasons. These coatings can protect against further carbonation of the concrete and chloride ingress.

Composite Strengthening


In addition to the traditional method (explained above) that we use to repair concrete, we also offer a range of specialist systems to prolong the life of concrete structures and protect the concrete restoration. There are many proven uses of the various products we use, including but not limited to:

  • As a protective coating to arrest and resist corrosion – even in aggressive environments
  • As a reinforcement coating and finishing fabric
  • To strengthen existing structural members of buildings, bridges, and infrastructure
  • To assist seismic strengthening solutions


Following a survey of the root cause of the degradation, a CCUK engineer will analyse the construction of the structure, its current suitability, and its surrounding conditions. We call this our feasibility survey and cost analysis; we conduct one of these before going ahead with any customer.

Composite Strengthening

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