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Basement waterproofing is a technique used to prevent water from penetrating rooms or spaces within a building that are below ground level.  

Typically, basement waterproofing involves the application of sealants and coatings, structural crack injection, installing drains or sump pumps, fixing poorly functioning drains and downspouts, replacing window wells, and more. The waterproofing techniques prescribed all depend on the vulnerabilities found within the basement those of which are found by a specialist during a feasibility survey.

Regardless of what a building’s basement is used for, there are many reasons to ensure its foundations are watertight. But is basement waterproofing worth it? Read on to find out.  

Is basement waterproofing worth it?

Successful basement waterproofing involves several tasks of which are situated in the outer, inner, and middle sections or `rings` of a building. All three of these sections need to be considered while waterproofing, otherwise, leaks and other types of water damage could find a way to seep through.  

  1. The outer ring includes soil and the grounds around a building 
  1. The middle ring includes drains, gutters, downspouts, window well covers, and exterior water elimination systems 
  1. The inner ring includes walls, flooring, and interior waterproofing features 

The cost involved in waterproofing a basement varies and is largely dependent on how many of the aforementioned systems and assets need installing, fixing, or replacing. Generally, though – waterproofing systems are long-lasting and require little maintenance if done correctly.  

Here are some of the benefits of basement waterproofing:

  • Ensures the building’s structure and upper floors remain strong 
  • Expands living and working space  
  • Keeps boilers, water heaters, and other systems dry and in working order (if located in the basement) 
  • Potentially increases the value of a building 
  • Prevents the development of mould and mildew, some of which produce harmful mycotoxins 
  • Protects basements from costly water damage 

Who does basement waterproofing near me?

Typically, the first step to protecting a basement from water damage is by discovering any potential waterproofing issues. This is usually carried out during a feasibility survey. For your FREE basement waterproofing feasibility survey & cost analysis, please fill out this form and we will get back to you shortly.