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Repairs Division

Sprayed Concrete Services

Spraying Concrete is commonly the most efficient method of concrete application, it exhibits particular properties that can often make it far superior to poured or hand applied concrete; this very fast application also has a high strength and extremely durable finish, the reduction in requirement for formwork also saves significant time and money.

CCUK use Sprayed Concrete for the strengthening and repair of existing structures, it is ideal for the reinstatement of concrete on vertical surfaces, overhead surfaces and also curved structures.

CCUK provide high quality Spray Concrete services that can be finished to suit the application. We are experienced specialist applicators of Sprayed Concrete and are  also members of Concrete Society. We provide cost engineering solutions for our clients without compromising.

  • Bonded overlay
  • Structural repairs
  • Ground stabilisation
  • Additional cover to reinforcement
  • Fire protection
  • Swimming pool shells
  • Basement waterproofing
Repairs Division

The most common methods of Sprayed Concrete CCUK undertake are:

Dry Spray Concrete

This method of application can often be used where smaller quantities are required, more detailed and specific repairs can also be carried out. This method is also great for using in confined spaces. Dry spray concrete carries a deal of advantages due to its flexibility; it has a high very early strength for early curing and loading as well as stabilisation works, dry spray has an almost unlimited holding time and availability of stored material in addition to providing minimal waste when applied.

Wet Spray Concrete

This method of application can often be used where higher outputs are required, large structures requiring more volume of repairs can be quickly and efficiently provided. Wet sprayed concrete carries advantages of providing much higher durability due to the controlled mixing water quantity). A much better working environment providing less dust and rebound/waste material as well as and reduced impact on the spraying equipment.

Repairs Division

Waterproof Barrier Systems

CCUK, concrete repair and waterproofing division have extensive experience with all the leading manufacturers of waterproofing systems to provide solutions in the following areas

  • Leak sealing joints in precast and in situ concrete structures and elements.
  • Leak sealing cracks and fissures in concrete brickwork and stone structures
  • Structural waterproofing solutions for manholes, pipes, tunnels, shafts and culverts
  • Structural waterproofing solutions for bridge leak sealing
  • Basement structural waterproofing  and tanking systems
  • Waterproof membranes and Injection grouting.

CCUK can provide a range of basement tanking systems for both internal and external tanking, recognised and authorised by the leading manufacturers.

We carry out full internal render systems to any underground structure to provide a watertight environment.

Hydrophobic & Hydrophilic Leak Sealing (include Curtain grouting)

We are one of the UK’s leading specialists providing resin based leak sealing services.

Our injection waterproofing is perfect to fill any of your structural leaks.

Waterproof membranes and fillers are used to fill leaks, cracks and gaps on any surface that you need, providing a leak tight solution. A menu of specialist Polyurethane, Hydrophobic and Hydrophilic resins are available, we also carry out curtain wall grouting and ground stabilisation.

Repairs Division
Repairs Division

Crack injection systems

CCUK provide many different solutions for resin injection repair systems, options are available dependant on the type of structure and failure that is in need of repair.

  • Resin injection Systems– for structural repairs
  • Flexible Systems– for concrete crack repairs
  • Chemical Systems– for use where joints are water bearing or open to chemical attack

Concrete resin injection may also fire resistant.

Resin injection systems offer the benefit of fire and heat resistance where high temperatures often occur.

As one of the UK market resin injection contractors our wealth of experience means we offer highly trained concrete repair teams specialising in providing an excellent resin injection service.

Specialist Surface Preparations

Grit blasting, also known as abrasive blasting or shot blasting is a surface preparation technique used for the removal of coatings from any surface and any structure regardless of the situation.

Blast cleaning and preparation techniques include:

  • Grit Blasting  or abrasive blasting, more commonly known as sandblasting, is the operation of forcibly propelling a stream of abrasive material against a surface under high pressure to smooth a rough surface, roughen a smooth surface, shape a surface or remove surface contaminants.
  • Wet blasting– Abrasive media with hot or cold water. Dust reduction, degreasing and surface profiling. This can also benefit in the removal of hazardous materials such as asbestos. This removal can also ensure effective decontamination of substrates.
  • Vacuum blasting– A cleaner solution to wet blasting. There is no cleaning necessary and it is a fully justifiable method for surface preparation.
Repairs Division