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A brief guide to concrete crack resin injection services in the UK

It’s common for concrete buildings and structures to need revisiting and repairing – especially as they grow older or if they are subjected to chemical attacks or weathering. Concrete crack resin injection applications are the method of choice for repairing almost any building or structure. It’s also an environmentally-friendly solution for concrete slabs, columns, and walls. This brief guide explains the pros and cons of using concrete crack resin injection for repairs, and upon the unlikely occasion that concrete injection is unsuitable, we recommend great alternatives. It’s important to address concrete cracks urgently otherwise they’ll lead to further damage. If you’d like to know more, get in touch with our specialist team on 01482 425250. We’re always happy to answer your questions!

What is concrete crack resin injection?

Concrete crack resin injection, also known as concrete injection, crack injection, or resin injection – is an effective and popular method used to repair concrete buildings and structures. As the name suggests, crack injection involves injecting a fluid resin directly into concrete cracks, voids, holes, chips, and other foundational damages. Crack injection services are completed by an experienced and fully-trained concrete repairs specialist. Your specialist will inject the flowable epoxy resin horizontally until the crack is completely filled. This takes a few minutes, but narrow cracks require longer because the pressure needs to be increased slowly and delicately.

At CCUK, we offer the following types of concrete crack injection:

  • Resin injection systems – for structural repairs
  • Chemical systems – for the rehabilitation of structures following a chemical attack
  • Flexible systems – for other concrete crack repairs

We use Sika Concrete Crack Repair Products.

Now you know the basics of concrete crack injection as a service, let’s look at the pros and cons of using it as a concrete repair method.

The pros of concrete injection

  • Can be used on almost any interior/exterior building or structure
  • Environmentally-friendly & safe
  • Efficient application
  • Fire and heat-resistant (if required)
  • Improves the aesthetical appearance of concrete cracks
  • It’s affordable – injection uses less concrete
  • Long-lasting protection
  • Low maintenance following application
  • Restores structural elements to their `pre-cracked` strength
  • Watertight/waterproof

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The cons of concrete injection

  • Extra care needs to be considered and taken for narrow cracks
  • Some epoxy resin is sensitive to water and therefore unsuitable for wet surfaces and environments
  • Tricky to use on buildings and structures with `moving` foundations
  • Unsuitable if crack injection has already been tried and failed

Types of reinforced concrete repair methods

There are many concrete repair methods, including those ideal for structural cracks, voids, holes, and chips. As concrete repair specialists, our team at CCUK offers:

For a no-obligation chat about any of the above services, kindly call our specialist team on 01482 425250. We’re happy to help!

Concrete repair specialists near me

If you are interested in concrete injection services for your repair job, get in touch with our Yorkshire and Humber-based team today. We are one of the UK’s leading resin injection contractors, and we’re right on your doorstep!

Reasons to choose us

✔️ Our highly-trained concrete repair teams have 25+ years of experience

✔️ We deliver an unrivalled level of customer service combined with specialist advice and guidance

✔️ We’re efficient and deliver a supreme service quality

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