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A leading UK power and gas company has saved its main supply pipes from failure by seeking emergency water pipe repair from a specialist contractor– meaning local homes are continuing to receive their supplies as normal.

E.ON Energy’s cooling water pipes had suffered from internal corrosion and `there was a clear risk of failure` before they called upon specialist contractor Construction Composites UK (CCUK) to carry out urgent reactive maintenance on the pipeline.

The 900mm diameter cooling water pipes are used to transport fresh water from a nearby river to the condensers, before being sourced to local homes for domestic energy usage. If left without water pipe repair, E.ON’s pipelines could have failed altogether; causing a lengthy disruption to its customers, an interruption to business, and potentially leading to a costly pipeline replacement.

The cause of the corrosion is likely due to decades of continuous service; for large diameter pipes made from steel, ductile iron, or concrete, corrosion can lead to deterioration – threatening the structural integrity of the networks.

CCUK, the specialist contractor who responded to the project, completed the repairs with a `rapid response time` of just one week.

They designed a carbon fibre strengthening system that was capable of carrying the 3 bar pressure the pipe was originally designed for until the internal re-lining could also be completed.

Jamie Dempster, Operations and Marketing Director at CCUK said:

“Our specialist repairs team was called to survey the 900mm diameter cooling water pipes, owned by E.ON Energy.

“We quickly determined that Fibrwrap, a carbon fibre strengthening system, would be the quickest and simplest way to repair the pipes.

“It took one week for our team to strengthen and restore the pipes, allowing them to regain their original structural integrity and continue normal function”.

Hull-based CCUK vocalises that the industry is in need of innovative solutions which will provide structural strengthening, the upgrade of internal pressure capacity and a significant extension to the service-life of these structures. Time and cost-effective technologies are required, while minimum disturbance and disruption of everyday operations during any repair work are necessary.

Fibrwrap is extremely lightweight, versatile, and stronger than steel, to name a few of its benefits. Being a carbon fibre product, it is environmentally friendly, making it a well-suited repair solution for the UK energy giant, whose ethos states “we’re taking action for climate”.

Their website reads: “Together with our customers and colleagues we’re working to reverse the effects of climate change. There’s lots of little ways to take action and they add up to something big”.

 About CCUK’s reactive repairs services – pipeline repair

CCUK is paving the way for non-disruptive reactive repairs of main pipeline networks and is capable of performing any rehabilitation work for liquid storage structures – including water, gas, and chemical. The Yorkshire-based specialist contractor provides design-build solutions which are tailored-made to satisfy the requirements of all clients and is highly experienced in cutting-edge carbon fibre products.

CCUK’s fully developed system can be applied internally or externally to a pipe and for a wide range of issues, such as structural degradation, corrosion, structural upgrades, internal pressure increases, relining and emergency repair. The system complies with the most demanding environmental codes and is capable to withstand aggressive environmental exposures.

To book your FREE feasibility survey and cost analysis for emergency water pipe repair or other reactive maintenance services, call CCUK on 01482 493676 today.