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Tyfo Fibrwrap is a system of specialised carbon, glass, aramid, and hybrid fabrics combined with epoxy resins to strengthen, repair, and rehabilitate a wide range of concrete, steel, masonry, and wooden structures. Tyfo Fibrwrap systems are often used on refurbished or ageing structures which require restoration or strengthening solutions, this can be for safety reasons but most times for increased capability. Most buildings and structures suffer daily wear & tear, especially those located near water and other corrosives. This is where Tyfo Fibrwrap systems can also be very beneficial due to the extensive range of specialist Tyfo Epoxies.

Practical specialist applications of The Tyfo Fibrwrap system:

  • Buildings – such as slab, beams, and columns strengthening to improve load-bearing strength
  • Bridges – to strengthen for new loads or protect against weathering & other corrosive factors
  • Waterfront structures for corrosion and or erosion.
  • Industrial infrastructure for damage or degredation
  • Pipelines – bonding to help regain strength to handle liquids passing through or repair damage

Types of The Tyfo Fibrwrap system

There are many variations of The Tyfo Fibrwrap system, each with different qualities and applications. At CCUK, we use the vast majority of them! During a feasibility survey  for structural strengthening, rehabilitation, or repairs, we analyse the project at hand before prescribing the correct Tyfo Fibrwrap system. Regardless of which Tyfo Fibrwrap is used, we can assure minimal business disruption and a quick installation time.

The Tyfo Fibrwrap systems we use include:

  • Tyfo SCH-41 Composite using Tyfo S epoxy – used to provide strength to structural members of buildings, bridges, and industrial infrastructure
  • Tyfo SCH-11 UP Composite using Tyfo S epoxy – also used on buildings, bridges, and industrial infrastructure
  • Tyfo SEH-51 A Composite using Tyfo S epoxy – used as a protective material for waterfront structures or those located in aggressive environments
  • Tyfo WEB Composite using Tyfo S epoxy – used for leak sealing or as a finish fabric for buildings, bridges, and other structures.

For a full list of The Tyfo Fibrwrap systems we use on our structural strengthening, rehabilitation, or repairs projects, visit our designated Fibrwrap page here.

Tyfo Fibrwrap in action

Our team had the privilege of working on the South Humber Bank Power Station (SHB). We used a specialist Tyfo Fibrwrap system and water Epoxy to strengthen the water cooling inlet pipes and rid them of leaks and erosion, repairing critical pieces of infrastructure.

Read more about the project here

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