Nissen Hut
Nissen Hut

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Nissen Hut

Project Details

Project: Nissen Hut

Client: Yorkshire Water

Contract Duration: 1 week

Scope of Works: Spray Foam Closed Cell Insulation

An old Nissen Shed on a wastewater facility in east Yorkshire was required by the client to be used as a workshop. An existing client working on a wastewater facility treatment works in Yorkshire approached us to insulate the inside of the Nissen Hut so it could be used all year round.

Working with a subcontractor CCUK proposed a closed cell spray foam insulation to a minimum thickness of 50mm to all surfaces of the inside face. Using specialist equipment located on the inside of a truck, CCUK team pulled inside the empty shed and sprayed over 1000m2 or 55m3 of insulation to the inner faces.

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