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Starting in early 2020 engineers will begin repairs on two bridges in Hampshire. The Redbridge Causeway, which carries the A35 westbound traffic, and the Redbridge Road Bridge, carrying the A35 eastbound, had been found to be in poor condition. They had 21 joints replaced last year, and from early January work begins on repairing the concrete bridges.

This essential repair work comes as work on the UK’s largest concrete repair project nears completion. The work on both Redbridge bridges will repair over 100 supports, and has a cost of £25m, supplied by government funding. It is one of 10 regional priorities, and one of the main transport routes in to the New Forest.

It is part of a wider £3.5bn, five year investment programme submitted to Whitehall by Transport for the South East, the new regional body representing local authorities, businesses, and the transport industry.

Highway bosses have said that the A35 will remain open, except in instances of emergencies, but the southern side pedestrian footway will be closed, with diversion routes posted.

The current plans involve a sequence of identification of areas to be repaired, removal, and localised patch repairs to avoid the requirement for temporary propping, and carriageway closures on the road. A cathodic protection system will installed and employed to prolong the life of the existing structures.

According to the Advertiser & Times, a Hampshire County Council spokesperson said “Due to its age, the harsh marine environment and the large volumes of traffic that use this bridge it now requires essential repairs to the concrete supports.”

Drivers have been facing months of delays and roadworks for months during 2019, as the nearby Redbridge Roundabout has been having improvements since May, which are due to continue until Spring 2020.

It is hoped that road closures on the bridge will be minimal so not to cause further delays and misery for Hampshire’s residents and commuters. Southhampton City Council is urging people to take advantage of public transport and car sharing schemes to reduce congestion on the A35 during the essential works.

The work is due to commence on January 6, and expected to last 18 to 20 months.

Strengthening of concrete and structural repairs must be considered for all buildings at some point, when existing supports deteriorate. Concerns must be taken to existing materials, and existing supports. Repairs on one support can often lead to another one becoming the critical one, this the entire structure needs examining.

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