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Corrosion & Erosion

Fibrwrap Systems can be used for the rehabilitation of eroded, corroded or distressed members. The system is installed in severely aggressive environments; to give it protection from erosion, prevent loss of strength due to corrosion and to extend the life of the structure. This is achieved using FRP in conjunction with our specialist marine coating.

The systems are able to regain the original capacity of corrosion-damaged structures, as well as increasing their original capacity for change-of-use retrofit projects.

CCUK can also solve issues with the corrosive nature of marine environments, which can destroy the aesthetics of a structure, hinder its serviceability, or render it useless. Retrofitting reinforced concrete and wood structures can rehabilitate and preserve existing structural elements

Fibrwrap enhances the structural capacity of existing structural elements which require additional strengthening, rehabilitation, and repair, including seismic retrofit, pipe rehabilitation, structural preservation, corrosion related repair and rehabilitation, additional loading, and environmental protection.

Fibrwrap Systems are primarily used as externally bonded or near surface mounted additions to existing structural elements such as columns, beams, slabs, walls, pipes/ tanks/ chimneys and structural connections.

Other Services