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NEW SIKA® CARBOSTRESS ® post-tensioning: structural strengthening using carbon fibre reinforced polymer plates

What is post-tensioning strengthening?

Post-tensioning involves using tensioned cables to strengthen, reinforce, and rehabilitate damaged concrete structures. Post-tensioning strengthening works by inserting tensioned cables in structural forms (mechanisms that provide stability to a structure) before applying concrete.

Post-tensioning strengthening is a long-lasting and straightforward approach for the reinforcement of:

  • Concrete buildings
  • Concrete bridges
  • Infrastructure
  • Power stations
  • Sewer works & manholes

Traditionally, tensioned cables are made from wound steel wires. At CCUK, we use cutting-edge carbon fibre post-tensioning systems called SIKA® CARBOSTRESS ®.

✔️Extremely durable

✔️High strength

✔️High-fatigue resistance

✔️Immune to corrosion

NEW SIKA® CARBOSTRESS ® post-tensioning systems

The NEW SIKA® CARBOSTRESS ® post-tensioning systems use a product called SIKA® CarboDur®- S626. This product is a type of carbon fibre-reinforced polymer plate. In combination with SIKA® CarboDur®, we use a popular and effective anchoring technique with stress head: placing moveable, anchor on one end of the structural forms and fixed anchor on the other. There are several anchor types available depending on the structure in need of reinforcement. Our specialist team will assess your structure and offer a suitable SIKA® CARBOSTRESS ® post-tensioning system

SIKA® CARBOSTRESS ® post-tensioning systems can be used in conjunction with other SIKA® structural strengthening products when needed, such as SikaWrap®, a woven carbon fibre fabric.

What is the purpose of post-tensioning?

Post-tensioning provides an efficient remedy to damaged existing buildings, structures, and infrastructure caused by:

▪ Corrosion and weathering

▪ Change in use

▪ Structural failings

▪ Insufficient reinforcement

▪ Excessive deflection

▪ Fire

It can also be used to complete seismic upgrade (rehabilitating a building or structure to a level compliant with UK Building Bylaws).

Which post-tensioning systems do we offer?

At CCUK, we offer external post-tensioning systems and additional reinforcement systems using carbon fibre-reinforced polymer (CFRP) plates. The services we currently offer are as follows:

  • Passive reinforcement or `Rebar`: Passive reinforcement does not provide extra strength until the concrete has started to obtain damage and is about to crack
  • Active reinforcement using external post-tensioning: Active reinforcement provides immediate additional strength. The pre-stressed tension cables are robust in withstanding extreme weight and force.

Upon request, we can include fire protection and plate protection against mechanical impact.

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Which structural elements are compatible with our post-tensioning systems?

  • Bridge strengthening
  • Strengthening of industrial and high-rise buildings (such as slab and beam strengthening)
  • Reinforcement of silos and water tank (round shape)

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