Clayton Hotel
Strengthening existing slab CCUK specifically designed a carbon fibre solution in conjunction with the consulting engineers design team. CCUK also manufactured and installed the shear brackets to column/slabs in several bedroom areas.
Clayton Hotel
Clayton Hotel

Project Details

Project: A complexed structural refurbishment project, requiring close working with the designer and main contractor.

Contract Duration: 6 Weeks

Scope of Work: CCUK has worked on several ‘high profile’ building development projects throughout the UK , most recently at the Clayton Hotel in Birmingham. Working closely with the structural team CCUK designed and installed an exact and complexed combination of both CFRP, Shear Bolting and steel, providing a Hybrid Solution for a multi-faceted strengthening solution.

Key Issues

There was a significant increase of imposed loads on the existing structure due to an extension adding additional stories and bedrooms to the Hotel.

Strengthening was required to existing columns, shear walls, beams for hogging and sagging in addition to slabs for punching shear. The hotel remained live during the strengthening works which included working in closed rooms, corridors, restaurants and service kitchens.

Solution CCUK, used the analysis proposed by the engineer to design a Fibrwrap CFRP and steel ‘Hybrid’ strengthening system. The subsequent ‘design strategy’ enabled the successful application of our solution (axial loading to columns, additional vertical loading to shear walls and strengthening of existing columns) in all affected areas, whilst the hotel remained fully functional.