Lakefield Tower
An extensive program to install sprinkler systems throughout all common areas resulted in all 3 buildings requiring Carbon Fibre Strengthening where the holes were drilled through structural slabs.
Lakefield Tower
Lakefield Tower

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Project Details

Project: Retro fit carbon fibre strengthening to penetrations through concrete slabs
Contract Duration: 6 Weeks (Stages 1 & 2)
Scope of Work: On every level in each tower block, CCUK had to reinforce existing concrete slabs , prior to core drilling to facilitate the new fire suppression equipment, including water and electrical services.

The biggest challenge by far was working on a multi-dwelling site, that was completely live with housing residents in all 3 blocks on all levels. CCUK had to work extremely closely with the main contractor to execute safely our works, whilst co-ordinating with other stakeholders and contractors.

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