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A school in York has had to close earlier this week due to a burst water pipe.

Students at Yearsley Grove Primary in Huntington were unable to attend on Tuesday (September 17th), as the school had been left without any water due to a water pipe bursting the day before, reported York Press.

Headteacher of the primary school Nigel Walter told the newspaper: “Unfortunately, a water pipe burst on the school site, which meant we had low water pressure and then no water.”

He went on to say they made the “difficult decision” to send pupils home on Monday as there was no available water in the toilets or sinks.

“The pipe has now been fixed and pupils and staff will be able to return to school tomorrow [Wednesday],” Mr Walter added, going on to thank parents, staff, carers and the students themselves for their understanding.

This is not the only burst water pipe to occur in Yorkshire recently, as the mains pipe under Wakefield Road in Huddersfield erupted earlier today, leaving residents in Dalton and Waterloo without water in their homes, the Examiner revealed.

A statement from Yorkshire Water read: “We’re urgently working on repairs. Once restored, water may be cloudy or discoloured, this will return to normal shortly after and you can help clear this by running your tap for a few minutes.”

In the meantime, customers may have no water or low water pressure.

To avoid this problem in the future, Yorkshire Water could make use of pipe strengthening.