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Concrete Repair Division

The repair of concrete buildings and structures requires quality materials but more importantly experienced and skilled tradesmen to ensure that the repair is undertaken correctly. The removal of the defective areas of concrete, preparation of the exposed steel reinforcement, and concrete reinstatement has to be done correctly for the repair to be durable.

For small repair areas we use electric or pneumatic tools to remove the concrete and for larger volumes we may use hydro demolition. The concrete reinstatement can be hand applied mortars or for large volumes it may be sprayed or flowable self-compacting concrete. The concrete surface finishing often needs to match the colour and texture of the parent which might be a shutter board finish or exposed aggregate finish. Our skilled workforce are able to achieve a high quality finish to match the parent concrete.

After repairing the concrete a protective coating can be applied to all the exposed concrete surfaces to enhance the durability and for aesthetic reasons. These coatings can protect against further carbonation of the concrete and chloride ingress.

CCUK’s concrete repair division is a leading UK specialist asset maintenance contractor for buildings and structures operating across the UK through a network of 3 regional offices (London, Hull and Edinburgh)

Established in 2010 as Fibrwrap Construction we have built a reputation in the industry for the quality of our service and innovative engineering solutions underpinned by our commitment to safety and sustainability.

We are flexible and work collaboratively with our clients which has helped to secure a high percentage of repeat business across all industry sectors direct with clients as a specialist sub-contractor.

As a member of the EPS Group we have the support of our other group companies which provide composites strengthening validation, inspection and test services, structural strengthening, waterproofing, and fire protection services.