Transportation Infrastructure

Transportation Infrastructure engineers and authorities face a constant challenge in maintaining and upgrading their assets to meet modern day use.

Composites Construction UK specialise in extending the life cycle and increasing capacity of the UK’s valuable bridge network.

Targeted actions are needed in order to repair, rehabilitate, and strengthen
these structures. At the same time all necessary rehabilitation and strengthening construction work needs to be completed while maintaining the operational status of the facilities, i.e. without any or with minimum disruption to their daily use.

Tyfo Advanced Composite Systems are available to cover a wide range of issues related to the integrity of transportation structures. Structural repair and rehabilitation, structural upgrade, protection against environmental factors, corrosion and emergency repairs are some of the common problems now easily tackled with the use of such advanced materials and techniques.

Moreover, Composites Construction UK can completely fulfil the toughest requirements for structural preservation, corrosion related repair and rehabilitation and environmental protection. In addition the client also benefits from the fact that all rehabilitation construction is carried out with minimum disturbance to traffic and normal every day operations.

Composites Construction UK also provides an insurance backed design and build service, we have the knowledge and capability to facilitate a full technical specification for the procurement and implementation of any composite strengthening system that will satisfy the specific demands for each client and project.


  • Column, beam, slab, and wall applications to increase shear strength, flexural strength, ductility and to improved confinement where needed.
  • Increase of shear and moment strength of beam to column connections.
  • All structural elements (beams, columns, slabs, walls, etc.) can be repaired or upgraded with minimum disturbance to traffic and normal every day operations.


  • The Tyfo Fibrwrap System includes a carbon fiber solution that meets the International Building Code (IBC) requirements
  • Thoroughly tested at many independent laboratories worldwide
  • Cost-and time-effective solutions
  • Extends the service life of existing structures
  • Can lower the corrosion rate when confining existing members
  • Can prevent the onset of corrosion when applied to new structural elements
  • Can be used on circular, square, rectangular, hexagonal, flared and alternative shaped cross sections with negligible shape and size modifications
  • Can be used to repair/strengthen historic structures while preserving their original appearance


  • Successful applications of the advanced composite systems since 1988
  • Short application time required
  • Rehabilitation of corroded or distressed members
  • Prolongation of the service life expectancy of the structures
  • Fast emergency repair of the damaged sections
  • Architecturally friendly solutions that do not affect the aesthetics of structures
What are the Solutions?
  • Rehabilitation of corroded or distressed members to restore lost capacity.
  • Structural upgrades to improve load-carrying mechanisms. Additional shear and flexural capacity can be added to beams, columns, slabs, and walls of any transportation construction (bridge, tunnel, etc.)
  • Preservation of historic structures, such as arch bridges, with a variety of materials that can be used to repair and strengthen while preserving their appearance.
  • Emergency repairs.
  • Design and/or constructionerror remediation.

Transportation Infrastructure

Bridge Deck Strengthening

Bridge Deck Strengthening

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