Wood Beam Strengthening – Finger Jetty Pier

Project Details

Project: Finger Jetty Pier Strengthening

Client: BAE Maritime

Contract Duration: 16 weeks

Scope of Works: Strengthening and Protection for Prefab FRP Jackets and Grout. Protection of piles and brace element with Tyfo SEH and SW1S systems.

Wood Beam Strengthening – Finger Jetty Pier

The Finger Jetty at the Royal Navy Base in Portsmouth is a short jetty, approximately 20 meters in length by 4 meters wide, constructed of Greenheart timber and built circa 1970. It consists of two rows of 300mm x 300mm Greenheart timber piles that have been driven into the seabed.

Fibrwrap UK strengthened the 14 main piles that had suffered serious degradation from the environment by encasing them in pre-fabricated FRP jackets. The annular space between the jacket and pile was then filled with a high strength grout to increase the axial capacity. Finally a third layer of FRP was applied with Tyfo SW1-S (underwater epoxy) for additional hoop strength and protection. A percentage of the lateral braces were also wrapped with FRP and SW1S for protection.

“This project was a particularly challenging one, the very small, unpredictable tidal windows meant that our guys had to work short sharp shifts at all kinds of unsociable hours. However the job needed doing and our guys respect that fully – They’re a credit to us” Jamie Dempster (Managing Director UK)