Hill House Strengthening

Project Details

Project: Hill House

Client: HG Construction London

Contract Duration: 24 weeks

Scope of Work: Shear Wall Strengthening

Hill House Strengthening

An 11 storey office block in North London was converted into luxury residential apartments in 2015. Fibrwrap UK was contracted to design and install CFRP wall strengthening in the central cores for additional loading, door openings through shear walls internally and service risers through concrete slabs. The whole project consumed over 4000m2 of Fibrwrap Carbon Fibre Wrap Systems, 32 tonnes of steel and over 300 Fibrwrap patented carbon fibre anchors to pass through slabs and staircases between floors. In addition the design called for the strengthening scheme within the cores to be anchored into the foundations, CFRP anchors 1.6m long were drilled and resin fixed into the pile caps. This extremely complicated FRP design could only be achieved using Tyfo Fibrwrap Systems, we were very proud to be working on such a large project and believe is still the largest FRP strengthening of a building in the UK to date.