Concrete Repairs and Erosion Prevention – Stub Pier

Project Details

Project: McBains Cooper, London

Client: Bristol Port Company

Contract Duration: 3 weeks

Scope of Works: Repairs to a structural crack on a dock wall within the lock gates at Royal Portbury Dock Bristol. Works included crack repairs, sprayed concrete and environmental protection using Fibrwrap Systems

Concrete Repairs and Erosion Prevention – Stub Pier

The pier is situated in Royal Port Bury Dock Bristol constructed in the 1960s. Considering the exposure to severe elements associated with Britain’s west coast climate over many years the dock is in very good condition; however the Port Company at Bristol invests a lot of time and effort in ensuring their assets are well maintained. On the west stub pier the inspection engineers had noted a crack in the inner dock wall, being unsure whether it was a construction joint or not Fibrwrap UK were asked to provide remedial repair to the crack and protection from the water ingress using Tyfo Fibrwrap Systems.