Concrete Pipe Crack Repair – Thessaloniki, Greece

Project Details

Project: Reinforced concrete pipeline section of Water Supply & Sewerage Co. S.A.

Client: EYATH S.A

Contract Duration: 10 days

Scope of Works: Emergency Rehabilitation and Repair of reinforced concrete pipeline section

Concrete Pipe Crack Repair – Thessaloniki, Greece

The Water and Sewerage Company of Thesaaloniki (EYATH SA) experience partial failure on sections of the main potable water networks, which mainly consists from reinforced concrete pipes of large diameter (min. 2,00m diameter).

Fibrwrap Contractors SA (FibrCon) provided a design-build solution, for failing sections of pipeline where longitudinal cracks along the pipe had to be repaired while the network was fully operational. Firstly the cracks were sealed with low pressure injection of polyurethane
resin. Then the pipeline sections were wrapped with Tyfo Fibrwrap Systems of Carbon fiber (SCH) and Tyfo S Epoxy.

All the works were performed with the pipeline in operation and in only 10 days. The client avoided the need to replace failing sections of pipes with the inevitable disruption of cutting down supplying of water to its customers. The Client has assigned to FibrCon SA three projects of this nature.