Coastal Erosion Prevention – Royal Portbury Dock

Project Details

Project: Royal Portbury Dock

Client: Bristol Port Authority

Contract Duration: July/August 2012

Scope of Works: Repair and Protection of the West Stub Pier support columns.

Coastal Erosion Prevention – Royal Portbury Dock

The Stub Pier is situated at Royal Port Bury Dock Bristol, and many years of exposure to the severe elements associated with Britain’s west coast climate has taken its toll on the existing concrete pier columns. Constructed in the 1960s the design drawings tell us that originally the columns had been cast at a much larger size in comparison to what was specified.

Subsequently the erosion process caused by the sea had reduced the columns to approximately the size they should have been at construction. In addition the shape and size of the columns had become very irregular. The initial brief from the client was that they had assumed the columns were suitable in size and strength however they required protection from any further coastal erosion.

Fibrwrap Construction UK has provided a solution to repair and protect these columns using unique solutions of TYFO Fibrwrap Systems.