Carbon Fibre Strengthening – Merchant Taylor School

Project Details

Project: Merchant Taylor School

Client: Borras Construction

Contract Duration: 2 weeks

Scope of Works: Slab strengthening against punching shear.

Carbon Fibre Strengthening – Merchant Taylor School

Merchant Taylor School in Northwood London is an independent day school for boy’s that was first established in 1561. Borras were awarded the contract to construct a new two-storey building and work began on site in March 2014. Fibrwrap UK was employed by Borras to rectify a lack of reinforcement at eight locations over columns in a slab within the existing building in December 2014. Three layers of carbon fibre fabric was designed an applied by Fibrwrap UK to the top of the slab in both directions at each column location. The works were completed in 8 days.