Beam Strengthening – Vilinius, Lithuania

Project Details

Project: Strengthening of T-Beams for a commercial building

Client: UB Fibro LT

Contract Duration: 2 weeks

Scope of Works: Structural Strengthening of T-Beams with additional transverse reinforcement

Beam Strengthening – Vilinius, Lithuania

During construction of a new building a design change was made and subsequently the need for structural strengthening of certain structural elements (T-Beams), in order to withstand additional loads, was necessary.

Fibrwrap Construction Deutschland responded to the demand by providing a Technical solution, through Fibrwrap/Fyfe network, and performed the project after the approval of the Proposal from the client and the owner.

The technical solution entailed the application of Tyfo Carbon Fibrwrap Systems in order to provide additional transverse reinforcement at certain sections of specific TBeams. The Tyfo Carbon composite system used consisted of Tyfo SCH-41 Carbon fiber with Tyfo S-Epoxy and Tyfo Carbon Anchors specially made for this project.

The whole project was completed in 14 days, even though the weather conditions (rain, high humidity) were an obstacle for which Fibrwrap Construction Deutschland had to take additional measures in order to ensure a successful application.