Beam Strengthening for Shear – Heysham PS

Project Details

Project: Beam Strengthening

Client: Mansell Construction Services

Contract Duration: 4 weeks

Scope of Works: Grit Blasting and Carbon Fiber Strengthening of U shape and L shape Beams

Beam Strengthening for Shear – Heysham PS

Strengthening of a series of beams that support 2 drum screens used as sea intake for cooling water at Heysham Power Station. A recent survey found that the reinforcement within the bottom section of these beams was suffering from severe corrosion and the beams had become subsequently weak. Following repair of the reinforcement and concrete by a main contractor we have strengthened the beams for Shear by applying Tyfo CFRP fabrics in a U direction for the length of the beam, the surrounding concrete was then covered with a protective coating.