Our Pipeline Rehabilitation & Liquid Storage Solutions

Why is pipeline rehabilitation needed?

It is paramount that pipelines are well-maintained, particularly when they are load-bearing pipes carrying gas, oils, drinking water, and other types of resources. To ensure pipelines stand the test of time against ageing, wear & tear, corrosion, and more – we use pipeline rehabilitation.

Pipeline rehabilitation is required for several reasons but most commonly pipelines are repaired, restored, and strengthened due to:

  1. Decades of continuous service of large diameter buried pressure pipelines have led to deterioration that threatens the structural integrity of water transmission lines (ageing)
  2. Pre-stressed concrete cylinder pipe (PCCP) that are in a state of distress due to the loss of steel wires due to corrosion and other factors (wear & tear)
  3. Reinforced concrete pressure pipes, steel and ductile iron pipelines that require structural renewal for extended service

In addition to replacing the structural performance of existing PCCP, RC, and steel pipes, pipeline rehabilitation can also be used to upgrade other pressure vessels, such as storage tanks.

Pipeline Rehabilitation and Liquid Storage Solutions
Pipeline Rehabilitation and Liquid Storage Solutions

Strengthening methods used within pipeline rehabilitation

Pipeline rehabilitation involves repairing, restoring, and strengthening old or damaged pipes. At CCUK, strengthening methods we offer and frequently carry out include:


  • Leak remediation and prevention
  • Emergency repairs


  • Cured in Place Pipe Lining
  • Trenchless Pipe Rehabilitation (no disturbance of the ground beneath)


  • Increase bending strength
  • Increase compression strength due to external loading
  • Increase hoop stress
  • Protection from corrosion and replacing strength following corrosive damage

Tyfo Fibrwrap systems in pipeline rehabilitation

At CCUK, we also offer a range of unique systems – called Tyfo Fibrwrap systems – to complete pipeline and liquid storage rehabilitation jobs. For example, water transmission lines and large diameter pressure pipes can be strengthened using a purpose-made Tyfo Fibrwrap system (internally and externally). The type of Fibrwrap system we use is called Tyfo SW1-S underwater epoxy; it survives in aggressive environments such as waterfront, chemical, nuclear, and water treatment plants, and is an ideal fix for weathered and tired pipelines.

Pipeline Rehabilitation and Liquid Storage Solutions
Pipeline Rehabilitation and Liquid Storage Solutions

Searching for pipeline rehabilitation companies near you?

Our patented process has been successfully utilised worldwide for over a decade to rehabilitate many miles of pipelines, ranging in diameter from 36-inch – 201-inch. We are proud to say we have pipeline repair and restoration experts on our team who can carry out the necessary methods efficiently, effectively, and to budget. For more information about our pipeline rehabilitation services, kindly call 01482 425250 or request a call-back through our online form.

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