What is abrasive and sponge jet blasting used for?

Abrasive blasting is a reliable, effective method of cleaning and preparing surfaces – it’s as old as time, and has been around since the 1800s! Abrasive and sponge jet blasting is used by specialists during structural rehabilitation, building, and repair – but lots of industries swear by it, not just construction.

How does abrasive and sponge jet blasting work?

  1. A specialist trained in sponge jet blasting chooses out of 25 types of different sponge abrasives media – depending on the type of surface they are working on.
  2. The specialist uses pressurised `feed units` to propel the abrasives onto the surface. A panel controls the direction and pressure of the blast.
  3. The abrasive media flatten as they hit the surface, while the sponge cells expand, creating a vacuum and pulling in dust and debris.
  4. The debris can then be recycled in a special sponge blast unit and reused.

What is sponge blasting?

Sponge jet blasting, or `sponge blast` for short, is a reference to a modern manufacturer of the method, called `Sponge-Jet`, Sponge Jet is a dustless technology and is very popular in sensitive environments like power stations and bridges. For more information on the various types of sponge jet blasting available, please visit Sponge-Jet’s website here.

What are the benefits of abrasive and sponge jet blasting?

Abrasive blasting has many known benefits, which is no doubt why it’s been around for so long! These benefits include:

Benefits for your surfaces

  • An effective method for cleaning surfaces
  • An effective method for preparing surfaces for rehabilitation
  • Eliminates the chance of ricochet – meaning the elimination of damage during application
  • Protects sensitive assets through its dustless application
  • Increases the coating life of surfaces

Benefits for your business

  • Reduces the total cost of your project
  • Reduces water consumption
  • Safe for the user – doesn’t generate dust etc.
  • Sustainable & environmentally-friendly
  • Takes less time to complete than similar cleaning methods

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